Friday, June 16, 2017

The importance of summer oil changes

This time of year in Orlando can be brutal. The summer in Central Florida equals temperatures rising above 90, shorts becoming everyday attire, showers turning into cold ones, and swimming in the pool becoming everyone’s outdoor activity of choice. However, among this list we all need to add more frequent oil changes.

Why do you need oil changes on the regular? 

The dreaded illuminating of that little oil change light is something no one wants to see. We all seem to ignore it for as long as we possibly can, especially in the summer months when our time is taken up by other activities. But the summer is actually the most important time to pay attention to your motor oil. The higher temperatures, more frequent road trips, and upped humidity all take a significant toll on your engine if you do not take the necessary precautions that Toyota of Orlando recommends. We are not the only ones who feel the effects of the extreme Central Florida heat. 

important car maintenance

Neglecting your motor oil can lead to a multitude of problems:

  • The exposure of engine parts
  • Significant time off your car’s life
  • Metal grinding
  • Oil thinning
  • Sludge and engine deposits
  • Reduced oil efficiency
  • Engine failure

Your oil is responsible for lubricating all of the complex engine parts of your car. However, extreme heat can cause your motor oil to thin out and break down, leaving your car’s important metal parts exposed. Metal exposure can result in metal grinding, leading to wear in the engine. This kind of happening can really take a toll on the life of your car and the overall running abilities of the vehicle. Furthermore, higher temperatures make it difficult for oil to circulate causing the reduction of the fuel efficiency of your car.

Learn when to schedule this important auto service 

We all are familiar with the feeling of swimming through the air with the high humidity that constantly blankets the Central Florida area. Unfortunately, excessive heat leads to the contamination of your oil with metals, dirt, acids, and said humidity. Oil contamination is typically caused from skipping oil changes and commonly leads to what most refer to as “sludge”. 

Sludge is old and solidified oil that can cause severe combustion engine damages. The more humidity that makes its way into your oil system, the more sludge you will find in your engine. And the more you run a polluted engine the more the fuel economy of your engine is diminished. This will eventually lead to the decrease of your engine’s horsepower and gas mileage. That being said, us Floridians have to be especially mindful when it comes to oil changes.

Toyota service

Our Orlando Toyota Dealership recommends always consulting your vehicle’s owner’s manual for what oil – synthetic or conventional – to use in your car. If you are unsure of anything you can consult your Toyota technician for all of your oil change questions. 

So next time that infamous light comes on in your car, turn in and pay Toyota of Orlando a visit and save your car from the future troubles of a skipped oil change.  We are always offering different service specials, so make sure to check out our website when you come in. Online scheduling is available or you can call the service center at (407) 298-4500.

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