Monday, June 19, 2017

Prepare your car for driving in the rain with auto service

Summer is upon us, and in Central Florida that means afternoon thunderstorms. They both arrive and dissipate quickly, but these storms can definitely make your commute home a lot more challenging! Toyota of Orlando is here to help – our service center can get your car prepped and ready so summer thunderstorms are a breeze to handle when you have to hit the highway. Take a closer look at how auto service can get you ready for anything Mother Nature has to offer this summer! 

auto service for rain

Is your car prepared for driving in the rain?

Tires: It’s absolutely essential that your tires be in the best shape possible when you’re taking on wet roads. You need them to be properly inflated to the correct PSI, and you also want to ensure they have the right amount of tread on them. Our Orlando auto service techs can check both to make sure you get the traction you need when you hit the road. They’ll also inspect them for any trouble spots that could lead to a future blowout, which can be especially dangerous in rainy weather.  

Brakes: It’s imperative to have 100% braking power when it’s raining, so make sure you schedule Orlando brake service before you take to the highway. Our techs will check your entire brake system and ensure your brakes are in excellent working order so you can easily and safely come to a stop when the road are slick. 

Headlights: You want your headlights, taillights, and turn signals to all be visible when you’re driving in the rain. It may not help you see much better to turn them on, but it does make you more visible to other drivers, and helps them track your movements so they can react accordingly. Schedule Orlando auto service to ensure your lights are all shining bright! *Note – never use your hazard lights while in motion, even in heavy rain. They’re only to be used if you’re parked on the side of the road! 

Toyota of Orlando tips

Toyota of Orlando has auto service for wet weather

Wipers: You need a clear field of vision to take on a rainy road, and the last thing you want is windshield wipers that just smear water around. Your wipers should clear your windshield with every swipe; if they don’t, then you need a new set. Our Orlando auto service techs can both help you choose the right kind in our parts store and install them for you so you can get back out on the road quickly. 

Paint: More rain equals more moisture, and if your car paint isn’t in the best condition, this can lead to rust. Make sure your paint is in good condition, deal with any chips or scratches, and ensure you have a solid clear coat AND a good coat of wax on your car. You’ll thank us in the long run! 

Need to schedule auto service to get things ready for the rain? Call Toyota of Orlando today at (407) 298-4500! We’re open seven days a week at 3575 Vineland Road.

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