Friday, November 17, 2017

Aftermarket vs. Factory Car Parts- Does it really matter?

You’re having car troubles and the only solution is a new car part. You know what you need, but when faced with the decision of buying a factory or aftermarket part, will you know what to choose? If not, Toyota of Orlando is here to explain and make you an informed consumer. That way, if you’re faced with this decision you’ll know how to weigh your options and make the best selection, cost-wise and quality-wise. 

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The pros & cons of factory and aftermarket car parts

First off, you need to know the difference between factory and aftermarket. Factory or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) car parts are just as they sound, parts manufactured by your car’s maker specifically for your model. While aftermarket parts are not created by your car’s maker.

There are several companies that manufacture car parts to function the same as brands’ originals. Their goal, be of the same quality or exceed the original’s quality. You’ll find most aftermarket parts at independent auto-body shops. The key to working with the aftermarket is to make sure you’re at a well-respected auto-shop and you’re getting high-quality parts. 

Now that you know the difference, let’s look at some of their pros and cons.

Factory Pros:
  • Warranty: The majority of car maker’s place a one-year warranty on any parts they supply. When you go to the dealership to get OEM parts replaced they’ll usually waive the labor costs as well. 
  • Easy process: Buying an OEM part is as simple as going to the dealership, getting the part you need and signing the check. There’s no need to compare qualities or worry about poor performance replacements.
  • Guaranteed quality: When you buy an OEM replacement, the part is guaranteed to work just as the original did.
Factory Cons:
  • More expensive: Due to convenience and specificity, factory parts often cost more than aftermarket ones. 
  • Limited buying options: Your options for buying OEM parts are more limited than your options for aftermarket ones. There are other ways you can purchase original parts (eBay, online wholesales, or special ordering through a mechanic), but the majority of car owners buy at the dealership.
Aftermarket Pros:
  •  Availability: Aftermarket parts are easier to find. You can purchase these parts in auto-stores, gas stations, or with local mechanics. 
  • Less expensive: These car parts are usually cheaper than factory parts. The difference in cost will vary by the maker of your car. With this, our technicians recommend researching the needed part’s cost at multiple shops to ensure that you’re savings are not due to low quality design. 
  • Options: With so many aftermarket companies, you have a greater selection of parts with a larger range of prices.
  • Possible better quality: Since aftermarket parts are reverse-engineered, mechanics have the opportunity to improve problems original parts may have.  
Aftermarket Cons:  
  • No Warranty: To maintain the low price, most aftermarket parts do not come with a warranty. 
  • Too many options: With so many different aftermarket companies to choose from it can be hard to weed out the good from the bad. That’s why Toyota of Orlando suggests purchasing OEM parts or consulting a trusted mechanic for an aftermarket brand recommendation.

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Toyota of Orlando’s suggestion

All in all, what you choose to go with, factory or aftermarket, boils down to what kind of car owner you are. If you’re auto-savvy and will do the proper research, aftermarket parts can be a great option for you. If you’re not a car wiz or don’t have the time to do the extra research, we recommend sticking with factory parts. 

Whatever your car needs may be, our Toyota Service Center in Orlando is here for you. We can answer your car maintenance questions, get you the service you need at, or get you a new set of wheels. We’re open seven days a week and are always running car service specials!

Friday, November 10, 2017

The ideal car maintenance for your ride

We all want to keep our cars looking and driving as they did when we first drove them out of the dealership parking lot. We know the general car maintenance needs we need to keep up with, routine washings, occasional oil changes, and brake checks. But when it comes to keeping your set of wheels in tip-top shape, it all boils down to details. 

Each car make and model has a different way of being cared for properly. We all have the guide to car maintenance perfection sitting next to us every time we drive, our owner’s manual. All too often, the manual sits untouched in the glovebox collecting dust. Here at Toyota of Orlando one of the best tips our certified technicians can give you is to get familiar with your car’s owner’s manual. 

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Areas to focus on

Depending on your vehicle, your owner’s manual can range from a small novel to what seems like Webster’s dictionary. To make things easier, we’ve picked the brains of our service staff to give you the five main areas you need to focus on:
  • Warning Lights: These indicators are your best friends when it comes to tackling car maintenance problems quickly. Since not all warning lights are self-explanatory, it’s good to be familiar with what each one means. This way, you can address any problems you have right away and make an appointment at our Orlando service center immediately.
  • Technical Data: At one point or another, you’ll need to access technical information about your car, such as engine type or body dimensions. Typically, these details will be under the technical data section of your manual. Already knowing this information and where to find it can help technicians or roadside assistance assess a problem more quickly when something goes wrong.
  • Proper Surface Cleaning: Although there is a multitude of general cleaning methods and products for cars, your interior’s upholstery may have some special requirements. If this is the case, your owner’s manual will specify these needs.
  • Tire Pressure: You may be a pro at working a tire gauge, but if you don’t know your car’s correct tire pressure your skills are going to waste. The ideal pressure is usually printed on the sides of your tires, but if it’s not, you can always find this information as well as instructions on how to properly inflate them in your owner’s manual.
  • Proper Driving Style: The “break-in stage” of your vehicle, the first 1,000 miles, is vital in determining how it will run for the rest of its driving life. Your owner’s manual will provide you with an outline of how you should be driving during this time. This section will also give you a list of different steps to up your driving safety and improve your fuel economy.

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 Treat your Orlando Toyota the right way
Just a little effort with your owner’s manual can make you a whole lot more car savvy. Focusing on these five areas will provide you with the knowledge to keep your car running better, longer and save you money on expensive car maintenance in the miles to come.

Whenever a car problem is thrown your way make sure to stop by Toyota of Orlando. We’re always running service specials to make sure you get the car maintenance you need at a price you deserve. We are open seven days a week and are located at 3575 Vineland Road just off of I-4 near the Millenia Mall. See you soon!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Get discounted car service by donating food this Thanksgiving!

November is one of our favorite months at Toyota of Orlando! It’s a time of giving and being thankful. It’s all about spending time with your family and friends, sharing stories and creating memories. In honor of the spirit of giving, we’re passing on a special offer just for you!

From now until Thanksgiving, if you bring in any two cans of food you’ll save $20 on any service! That includes everything from an oil change to a paint job! It’s the perfect time to come in and get some auto service just in time for the holiday season!

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Prepare for the holidays with auto service

If you’re wondering what auto service you should get before you head out of Orlando this holiday season, you’re in luck! Our auto service experts at Toyota of Orlando have selected the service you shouldn’t skimp out on before the holidays this year. 

Oil changes - Can you remember the last time you had an oil change? Our Toyota experts recommend getting an oil change every 5,000 miles if you’re using conventional oil. If you’re using a higher-grade oil, you can wait a bit longer. It’s important to get oil changes on a routine basis so you can maintain the integrity of your engine. 

Battery service - If your car has needed a jump start recently, or your car battery is a bit on the older side, we suggest getting it checked out at a service center. A decline in performance could mean it’s time for a new battery, and our Toyota experts will be glad to help you with any questions or service that you need. 

Tire maintenance - The last thing you want to do on a holiday road trip is pull over because you had a flat. Make sure your car tires can handle holiday travel by checking the condition of your tires! If they can’t seem to stay inflated at the right air pressure, have worn treads, or you’re experiencing drifting due to a misalignment, you shouldn’t wait to get your car checked out. 

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A/C and Heater service - Depending on where you’re heading this holiday season, you will more than likely use your A/C or heater. Make sure you’ll have a comfortable drive by making sure your car has everything it needs to have a proper running A/C and heater.

Get routine car maintenance at Toyota of Orlando

Are you looking to get some holiday auto service before you make any road trips outside of Orlando? Be sure to visit our Toyota service center for all of your car maintenance needs! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall.

And don’t forget, if you bring in two canned foods before Thanksgiving you’ll be able to get $20 off any service.