Thursday, April 19, 2018

Keep your car cool this summer

At Toyota of Orlando we know as beautiful as they may be, Florida summers can be way too hot. That’s why we’re here to give you the best car maintenance tips to keep your car cool even during the intense summer months. Save yourself the sweat and keep reading!

Car air conditioning maintenance

 Summer car maintenance tips

Nothing is worse than hopping into your car to find it’s unbearably hot and stuffy. Your car should never make you feel like you’re baking at 450. Luckily, our certified Orlando techs know some car maintenance tips to keep things cool. Check them out:
 Limit sunlight exposure 

Your car windows hold in sunlight and heat just like a greenhouse. You car will hold on to all of the sunlight it's getting even if the temperature outside isn't incredibly high.This causes your interior to reach significantly higher temperatures than what your temperature gauge reads. That being said, the number one way to keep your interior cool is to limit your car's sun exposure. Here are some easy ways to do this:

  • Park in the shade: The cheapest way to avoid sunlight is to always park in a shaded area. You can look for parking spots underneath trees or coverings or opt for a parking garage spot. 
  •  Crack your windows: As mentioned before, your windows trap warm air and intense sunlight in your car. An easy solution to this problem is cracking your windows. When you park, leave your windows down less than an inch and you’ll create some airflow to reduce heat buildup. If you have a sunroof you can also open it slightly to achieve the same effect. Just remember to not roll your windows down too far. That way, you avoid the possibility of a break-in or theft.   
  • Purchase a sun shade: Sun shades are an affordable way to block out sunlight. They are easy to put up and take down plus they’ll significantly decrease the temperature of your car. You can find these online, at your local superstore, or at our Orlando Toyota Dealership. 
  • Get your windows tinted: Although this is a pricier option, tinted windows are a great way to permanently protect your interior from overheating. If you do decide to go with this option, be sure to look up your state’s laws on tinting.

Speed up the cool down

Even if you blast your air conditioning right away it can seem like it takes years for your car to actually cool down. Fortunately, we have a car maintenance tip to speed up the process. Check it out:

Your Orlando Toyota’s AC works best when it’s moving. As soon as you get in your car, turn your air on full blast, open all windows, and get moving. This will push the hot air out of your car more quickly and allow you to feel the cold air sooner.

Orlando auto service

 Affordable service at Toyota of Orlando 

Stay cool this summer and follow these car maintenance tips. If you suspect any issues with your vehicle’s AC or any other important parts, don’t hesitate to stop by Toyota of Orlando. We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road just off I-4. Call us at (407) 298-4001 to schedule your appointment today and be sure to check out our auto service specials online!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Become a Wheel Bearings Expert

Do you know what your car’s wheel bearings are? If not, Toyota of Orlando is here to help you expand your car knowledge just a little more. From what they are, to what they do, to why they’re important, to signs they need car maintenance, we’ve got the inside scoop. Do you and your Orlando Toyota a favor and keep reading!

Car maintenance tips

Car part questions answered

What is a wheel bearing?   
A wheel bearing is fairly simple car part to understand. They can best be described as a collection of steel balls joined together by a large metal ring. This metal ring is known as the race. They’re composed of highly durable steel with the goal they last you 100,000 miles or more. This vital car part needs to be in almost perfect condition to function properly.  

What do they do?

Used on a wide variety of vehicle types - cars, planes, bicycles – wheel bearings support the weight of your Orlando car. Each wheel evenly divides the weight of your vehicle and supports it. If your car weighs 4,500 pounds each wheel is responsible for supporting 1,125 pounds. This is only possible due to the conjoining nature of the wheel bearings. However, their main purpose is to assist in friction reduction when your wheels are rotating quickly and freely. 

Where are they located?

When it comes to cars, wheel bearings reside in the hub on the metal axle shift of the wheel. For those who don’t know, the hub is that hollowed out section of metal at the heart of your car’s wheel. This section allows you to attach a tire onto the wheel by storing the necessary lug bolts. 

Why are they important?

This vital car part acts as the glue between your wheels and vehicle. Without wheel bearings your car would not be able to hold its wheels in place. It goes without saying, that the importance of this car part is make or break. What’s the point of a car that can’t take you anywhere?

What causes them to fail?

As mentioned before, in order to carry out their job wheel bearings need to be close to being in pristine condition. They’re coated with thick grease for lubrication and protection. Then, they’re topped with a seal that holds the grease in and keeps water, dirt, and debris out. However, if this seal breaks down the grease will become contaminated. If this happens, your wheel bearings will overheat and eventually fail.

How can I tell they’re failing?

The first symptom of failing wheel bearings is strange sounds coming from your wheels. Typically, it will be a low growling, rumbling, or squeaking sound. The noise level can increase or cease at different speeds.  

What happens if they fail?

If you believe this car part is showing symptoms of failure and you ignore the problem, your wheels can actually disconnect from your vehicle. Needless to say, this is a very serious issue.

Affordable auto service in Orlando

Toyota of Orlando is here to save the day

Avoid expensive damages and lower your chance of a collision by staying on top of your car maintenance schedule. Let Toyota of Orlando help you. We are open seven days a week for your convenience and are located at 3575 Vineland Road.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

4 Reasons you’re having a bumpy ride

Have you noticed that your car is wobbling, shaking, bumping, or rumbling every time you drive it? If so, this can be an indicator of a serious car maintenance issue. The question is what kind of issue does a bumpy ride point to? There’s no need to worry if you don’t know the answer to that question because Toyota of Orlando is here to give you the top four reasons for why you may be experiencing a bumpy ride. Keep on reading to find out what may be wrong with your vehicle. 

Toyota car maintenance tips
What kind of car maintenance you need

Suspension Issues

Your suspension serves as the middle man between the body of your car and your tires on the road. Its job is to keep your tires smoothly turning on the road. That being said, if you are experiencing suspension troubles you will most certainly be able to tell. Some symptoms of a serious suspension issue are especially intense reactions to driving over speed bumps or potholes, noticeable bouncing when braking, or your car leaning to one side. So if you notice your car exhibiting any of the above car maintenance symptoms it is very important you get your springs looked at as soon as possible. Our Orlando techs will check them out and get the job done quickly.

Tire Issues

Among the most common culprits of a bumpy ride are problems with your car tires. Fortunately, tires are also the most affordable repair. When your tires do not have enough air, have debris wedged in them, or are not aligned correctly your drive will be noticeably different. That being said, when you experience a bumpy ride, always start by checking on your tires. Plus, if you find out you do need a replacement our Orlando service center always price matches tires to give you the best deal possible.

Brake Issues

Another possible explanation is a brake issue. If you feel as if your brake sensitivity has spiked suddenly or your ride is bumpy and noisy, your brakes are most likely the cause. This type of car maintenance issue is a time sensitive matter so be sure to bring your car to a professional as soon as you start experiencing these symptoms. This will ensure the problem does not get worse. 

Transmission Issues

Every car owner dreads hearing that there is something wrong with their transmission, but we all know it happens. The tell-tale sign of a transmission problem is difficulty and bumpiness when shifting gears. This is another serious time sensitive matter. The longer you wait to have the problem checked out the more serious the problem becomes, which means the more expensive it becomes. So if you’re having trouble shifting take your car to a professional immediately. 

Affordable auto service in Orlando

Get auto service help at Toyota of Orlando

If you’re experiencing a bumpy ride, trust Toyota of Orlando to help you return to smooth sailing. We are just a quick stop off I-4 near the Millennia Mall. Be sure to check out our car maintenance specials online. Call (407) 298-4001 and schedule your appointment today!