Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jumpstart spring cleaning with DIY car cleaning hacks!

Balancing a busy work schedule and a demanding social life is the perfect recipe for a messy car. That’s why Toyota of Orlando is here to help you get an early start on your spring cleaning with some DIY cleaning hacks. Follow these car maintenance tips and you’ll be sporting a spotless set of wheels in no time!

Car Maintenance Tips

DIY Car Maintenance Hacks

  • Car Trash Can: When you’re busy it’s easy to let fast food bags, straw wrappers, and coffee cups build up in your car. To avoid this mess make yourself a car trash can. Grab an empty cereal box container and place a small trash bag in it. Place this on the floor of your vehicle in the front or back seat and avoid trash build-up. Make sure to change out the bag once a week! 
  •  Armrest Compartment Organizers: Don’t let your armrest compartment turn into a “junk drawer”. Use this convenient space as storage for items you always want on hand. Our Orlando Toyota dealership recommends placing pen holders or cups in this compartment. These containers make for easy storing of pens, chargers, hand sanitizer, tissues and other essentials.
  • DIY All-Purpose Cleaner: Once your Orlando Toyota is decluttered, it’s time to clean the interior. Save some money and keep it natural with an all-purpose cleaner you can make right at home! Blend equal parts of water, baby oil and vinegar with a drop of tea tree oil and your favorite essential oil. Place it in a spray bottle and you’re done. This is safe to use on all interior surfaces and it will have your car smelling fantastic! Be sure to add this step to your routine car maintenance schedule to preserve your interior. 
  •  Trunk Organizer: Now that the cabin of your car is clean, it’s time to work on the trunk. A great car maintenance trick to avoid a messy trunk is a trunk organizer. Find these online or at your local superstore. Then empty your trunk of all unnecessary items and place the organizer in. Our Orlando service center suggests storing all of your just-in-case items here – jackets, non-perishable snacks, a first aid kit and an extra pair of shoes, to name a few.
  • DIY Air Freshener: Now that your car is pristine, make an air freshener to finish it off! There are a multitude of air fresheners to choose from at the store, but they can be expensive and have a short shelf-life. Making a DIY freshener gives you an affordable and natural solution. You’ll need a clothespin, felt balls and your favorite essential oil. Hot-glue a couple of pompoms to the clothespin and add a couple of drops of oil onto them and you have yourself an air freshener. Clip the clothespin onto your air vent and enjoy the sweet smell of a clean car!
Affordable auto service in Orlando

Get on a good service routine with Toyota of Orlando 

Having a clean car is as easy as that! Try these car maintenance tips and we promise you won’t be disappointed. After all, having a clean car can make your hectic life just a little easier. Stop by Toyota of Orlando and have our service techs set up your routine maintenance schedule. We’re always running service specials to give you the maintenance you need at a price you deserve. We’re located at 3575 Vineland Rd and are open seven days a week. See you soon!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Your Car’s Best Friend: Oil

With so many car maintenance services to worry about it can be difficult to narrow down the ones that are most important and need to be given the most attention. From coils to serpentine belts to wheels to fluids, it can all get overwhelming. That’s why Toyota of Orlando is here to let you in on the one element that is essential to the performance, maintenance, and quality of your ride; engine oil. We’re lending the spotlight to this essential car fluid to let you know why it’s so important and how to keep up with its maintenance. Let’s get started!

Orlando oil change

Avoid expensive repairs with simple car maintenance

The engine is often referred to as the “heart” of your car. Sounds pretty important, right? Well, it certainly is. In order to avoid dropping thousands of dollars to replace it, you need to keep up with the quality and amount of its motor oil. With all of the moving parts of an engine and all the friction these parts create there needs to be a sufficient amount of oil to lubricate them. If you don’t keep up with this car maintenance, all of these parts will grind together and cause significant damage to your engine. This grinding will cause a heat build-up and your engine will eventually seize up and conk out on you for good. 

Has your drive to work ever felt more like a rollercoaster than a morning commute? Well, that right there is what a lack of oil can do to your car. The more you drive with old engine oil the more it browns and picks up dirt and grime. When this begins to happen, the quantity of your engine oil begins to drop as well. And without enough oil, your engine will start to burn off and break down. In addition to lubricating and maintaining the proper temperature, your oil prevents corrosion of your Orlando Toyota’s metal parts and enhances the sealing properties of your engine. 

To put things into perspective our Orlando service center staff informed us that a bottle of motor oil typically goes for about $20 while an engine replacement will cost somewhere in the thousands.  That being said, there is no reason to put this car maintenance off. 

Affordable auto service in Orlando
Get the most out of your ride with Toyota of Orlando 

Now that you understand just how important motor oil is to your set of wheels make sure to get yourself on a good car maintenance schedule. Most cars will need an oil change at around 5,000 miles, but if you’re unsure let our certified technicians take a look and give you the date of your next oil change. At our Orlando dealership we are always running auto service specials to make sure you get the car service you need at a price you deserve! We are open seven days a week and are located at 3575 Vineland Road just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall. Call and schedule your appointment today!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

4 ways to make your car greener (and save money)

Have you ever wondered how you can make your car greener? Sure, we've got tons of tips on how to enhance your fuel efficiency, and we can also get you into a new green car at Toyota of Orlando to help you cut down on emissions and fuel consumption. But what about making your existing car greener and better for the planet? Check out these four ways to do just that! 

green car care

Go green in 2018 when it comes to car maintenance 

1) Stay on top of your routine car maintenance schedule. Keeping to a routine car care schedule will ensure that your car remains efficient and gets the MPG's it's supposed to, cutting down on excessive fuel consumption. Plus, if you get routine car service taken care of at Toyota of Orlando, our techs will give you a complimentary multi-point inspection every time you visit. They'll be able to spot any inconsistencies or problems that could negatively affect your car's efficiency or performance. 

2) Change your air filters routinely. It's important to change your air filter even outside of eco-friendliness because this helps ensure top-notch performance from your car. But looking at it from the green angle, it's smart to routinely change air filters at your Orlando car maintenance appointments because your vehicle will perform more efficiently. If your air filter is dirty or clogged, your efficiency will drop, resulting in your car consuming more gasoline. 

3) Recycle things like oil, tires, fluids, and batteries. At your car maintenance appointments (or your DIY auto service sessions) make sure you check to ensure that things like tires and batteries are being recycled and that your car's fluids are being disposed of in a way that's friendly to the environment. 

Reduce, reuse, and recycle when it comes to your car 

4) Keep an eye on your emissions system. Fuel efficiency is a big deal because the more gas your car uses, the more natural resources it consumes. However, your emissions system can also be very harmful to the environment if it's not functioning correctly. Emissions form smog and pollute the atmosphere, so ensure your emissions system is in excellent working order before you hit the road. Our Orlando car maintenance techs can check it out for you and make sure everything is running as it should. 

Want to schedule car maintenance today to go green in 2018? Call Toyota of Orlando at (407) 298-0001. We're open seven days a week with the longest service hours in Central Florida!