Friday, June 30, 2017

Tips to be road trip ready this summer

Summer is the time to set out on adventures! We recommend getting out of Orlando and taking a much needed road trip before the summer is over! Before heading out, the experts at Toyota of Orlando have assembled some tips to know so you have one less thing to worry about during your road trip!
Orlando car maintenance

Make your car road trip ready

Before taking your car out for a long drive, Toyota of Orlando has a few vacation car maintenance tips for you to know. These will make sure that you vehicle is ready to hit the road and not give you any issues while you drive. 

Tip #1: Make sure your oil is checked – It’s incredibly important to get your oil checked before heading out on your road trip this summer. Since you’ll be driving further than your car is used to, you want to make sure the engine is in the best shape that it can be. Our auto service techs will let you know if your vehicle is due for an oil change after giving it a multi-point inspection.

Tip #2: Inspect your tires – You more than likely don’t want to get a flat tire when you’re on the road. That would be an extreme waste of time, and money, since you’ll have to buy a replacement! Make sure you get your Toyota tires checked ahead of time to see if any service needs to be done. Our service center can perform services like tire rotation, tire changes, tire balancing, and more.

Tip #3: Check your A/C system – It’s pretty hot no matter where you decide to drive this summer. While on a road trip, nothing will get people more agitated than having to sit in a confined space without any cold air! Our Orlando team can make sure that your air conditioning system is fully functional inside of your vehicle. If not, we’ll recommend services and parts to increase your air flow.

Tip #4: Don’t forget brake service – Something that sometimes gets overlooked until it’s too late is break maintenance. Toyota of Orlando suggests making sure to get your brakes checked at the first signs of wear and tear. You don’t want to drive around with a worn brake pad for too long. It could cause more expensive repairs on your rotors later down the line, and it actually increases your risk of getting into an accident. That can be especially said on roads you don’t know and weather you aren’t prepared for.
Toyota auto service

Recommended maintenance for your Orlando vehicle

Does your car need auto service before heading out on your next road trip? Our Orlando service center is here to help! Call Toyota of Orlando at (407) 298-4500 to schedule a service appointment with us! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road, which is just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Know whether or not your A/C needs service this summer

Is your car’s A/C ready for this summer? It’s officially begun, but Orlando has been feeling the high temperatures for weeks now. You wouldn’t want your A/C to fail on one of these hot summer days. Our qualified team at Toyota of Orlando has put together a list of what to look out for if you think you might need auto A/C repair
A/C auto repair in Orlando

Learn what signs will signal that you need auto A/C repair

You may not know what the signs for a faulty A/C unit are. Our Orlando service techs recommend looking out for these signs to see if you need to schedule some auto A/C repair.

Your air conditioning unit isn’t turning on – If you have reached to point when you go to turn on the air and nothing blows out of the vents, there’s more than likely a big problem on your hands. We recommend getting auto A/C repair as soon as possible, especially in this heat!

When you want cold, it comes out hot – If the air that is coming out of your vents is hot for longer than a couple of minutes, there could be a few causes for this. It might be low refrigerant levels or even a burnt out fan, but we suggest seeking help from our Toyota maintenance team to figure out the true cause.

There’s a strange smell when you turn on the air – If you detect a smell whenever you turn on the air conditioning that could mean there’s a mold issue in your vehicle. It could be growing in the A/C and in the vents.  You’ll need to have this professionally cleaned. You can do that with auto A/C repair from Toyota of Orlando.

There’s a noise that’s new or you don’t recognize – A rattling or banging noise whenever you turn on the A/C could mean a variety of things. Since it would be nearly impossible to pinpoint the problem if you aren’t a professional, you should schedule some maintenance to check it out.

You’ve noticed leaking – If you find water in your car or even underneath your car that could mean your car’s air conditioning system might have a problem with draining. Figure out the source of the problem and have it fixed by taking your car to get auto A/C repair in Orlando
Toyota car maintenance

Deciding to bring your car in for maintenance in Orlando

If your car is showcasing any of the signs listed above, we definitely suggest bringing your car to get some maintenance done. Another positive to bringing your car in to Toyota of Orlando is that we would conduct a free multi-point inspection to see if there are any other problems.

Do you think your car might need some auto A/C repair? Bring it to our service center at Toyota of Orlando! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road which is just off I-4 and near the Millenia Mall,

Monday, June 19, 2017

Prepare your car for driving in the rain with auto service

Summer is upon us, and in Central Florida that means afternoon thunderstorms. They both arrive and dissipate quickly, but these storms can definitely make your commute home a lot more challenging! Toyota of Orlando is here to help – our service center can get your car prepped and ready so summer thunderstorms are a breeze to handle when you have to hit the highway. Take a closer look at how auto service can get you ready for anything Mother Nature has to offer this summer! 

auto service for rain

Is your car prepared for driving in the rain?

Tires: It’s absolutely essential that your tires be in the best shape possible when you’re taking on wet roads. You need them to be properly inflated to the correct PSI, and you also want to ensure they have the right amount of tread on them. Our Orlando auto service techs can check both to make sure you get the traction you need when you hit the road. They’ll also inspect them for any trouble spots that could lead to a future blowout, which can be especially dangerous in rainy weather.  

Brakes: It’s imperative to have 100% braking power when it’s raining, so make sure you schedule Orlando brake service before you take to the highway. Our techs will check your entire brake system and ensure your brakes are in excellent working order so you can easily and safely come to a stop when the road are slick. 

Headlights: You want your headlights, taillights, and turn signals to all be visible when you’re driving in the rain. It may not help you see much better to turn them on, but it does make you more visible to other drivers, and helps them track your movements so they can react accordingly. Schedule Orlando auto service to ensure your lights are all shining bright! *Note – never use your hazard lights while in motion, even in heavy rain. They’re only to be used if you’re parked on the side of the road! 

Toyota of Orlando tips

Toyota of Orlando has auto service for wet weather

Wipers: You need a clear field of vision to take on a rainy road, and the last thing you want is windshield wipers that just smear water around. Your wipers should clear your windshield with every swipe; if they don’t, then you need a new set. Our Orlando auto service techs can both help you choose the right kind in our parts store and install them for you so you can get back out on the road quickly. 

Paint: More rain equals more moisture, and if your car paint isn’t in the best condition, this can lead to rust. Make sure your paint is in good condition, deal with any chips or scratches, and ensure you have a solid clear coat AND a good coat of wax on your car. You’ll thank us in the long run! 

Need to schedule auto service to get things ready for the rain? Call Toyota of Orlando today at (407) 298-4500! We’re open seven days a week at 3575 Vineland Road.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Use these auto detailing tips to protect your car this summer

Summer has finally arrived and with the beginning of having fun in the sun, there are also some not so great things that come with it. Some of these include Love Bugs, intense heat, UV rays, and pollen. You probably are protecting yourself with bug spray, sunscreen, and allergy medicine. But are you protecting your car at the same time? These factors can have a negative impact on your Orlando car, so it’s important to remember to take preventative action against these elements of summer.

tips to protect your car this summer

You can do that by following these auto detailing tips from Toyota of Orlando’s service center! Keep your car looking new and maintain its resale value by taking action based on these suggestions.

Auto detailing to protect your ride this summer

There are plenty of elements to protect your car from this summer in Orlando. Here are some top concerns and how to use auto detailing to prevent damage from occurring because of them.

Love Bugs: While these insects don’t bite you like mosquitos do, they are definitely an annoying part of life to most people living in Central Florida. If you hit your fair share of them on the highway and don’t remove them quickly enough, they could cause damage to your Orlando Toyota car’s paint. A simple auto detailing tip is to use dryer sheets! You’ll rinse the front of the car where the love bugs remain and then use a wet dryer sheet to scrub love bugs off.
Prevent your paint against love bugs

Pollen: You shouldn’t only worry about pollen making your allergies worse. Pollen can actually damage your car’s paint! Make sure you set up a regular auto detailing schedule that focuses on washing your car. A thorough car wash ensures that you remove the pollen, and if you add a coat of wax, that adds a barrier between the paint and the pollen.

Prevent the Orlando sun and heat from ruining your ride

One of the most noticeable changes that take place in the summer is the rise in temperature. Protect your car from the heat and sun with these auto detailing tips!

Heat: The rise in temperature can cause damage to your car. You can protect your car by following these suggestions:
  • ·         Polish leather surfaces in your car to prevent cracking
  • ·         Make sure you check your tire pressure often, and check out the condition of your Toyota tires while you’re at it
  • ·         If it’s not going to rain in Orlando, leave your windows cracked when you park to let hot air escape.

Sun: In addition to harming your skin, the sun can damage both the interior and exterior of your car. Here are some auto detailing tips to help protect your vehicle:

  • ·        Utilize window tint

  • ·         Be sure not to wash your car in the extreme Orlando heat. Wash it when temperatures are milder in the mornings or evenings.

Do you want more auto detailing tips or want to schedule some maintenance? Call Toyota of Orlando at (407) 298-4500 today!

Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

Summer is almost here! If you’re anything like us, you can’t resist taking a road trip or two at this time of the year. Before heading out of Orlando for a long trip, it’s important to make sure your car is properly prepared to handle the long journey ahead. Here at Toyota of Orlando, we’ve put together a checklist of car maintenance services that are important for getting your vehicle ready to travel.

seasonal car maintenance

Prepare your Orlando Toyota for summer driving!

Things are beginning to heat up here in Orlando—and fast! During the summer, your car will take on a ton of harmful elements; rising temperatures, sand and dirt from the beach, and those unpredictable Orlando thunderstorms can be just as harsh as the cold. Let’s take a look at our summer car maintenance checklist:

1.Maintain your air conditioning
Broken air conditioning is one way to ruin a road trip! This first car maintenance tip is vital to keeping you and your passengers comfortable while driving this summer. Rolling down your windows definitely doesn’t cut it in the brutal Orlando heat. The most common cause of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit is a low level of refrigerant, which could be caused by a leak. Additionally, the belt that is powering your air may also be powering parts of your engine. This means that ignoring your broken AC could actually cause your engine to overheat—making this car maintenance step a must.

2. Check the coolant and radiator
The number one cause of summer car breakdowns is overheating—and although cars are designed to run hot, they can only get so hot before it becomes a major issue. Coolant prevents the water in a car’s radiator from boiling, which can lead to a mechanical breakdown or engine failure, so this car maintenance service is vital. 
3. Replace your windshield wipers
A true Floridian knows that Orlando summers are notorious for some hardcore thunderstorms. When the rain is coming down in buckets, it is essential that your wipers are efficiently clearing your windshield. A storm can decrease your visibility by up to 20 feet in front of your car during a torrential downpour, making driving extremely dangerous.  This car maintenance step is so simple, yet it could prevent you from getting into serious trouble. 

Orlando Toyota service trips

4. Maintain your car battery
Although dead batteries are common during the winter months, the hot summer can be tough on your battery, too! Heat can actually speed up the chemical reaction in your Orlando Toyota’s battery, causing the battery to be overcharged and reducing battery life. Heat can also cause your battery fluid to evaporate, which can lead to corrosion. In general, if it’s been a while since you last changed your car battery, it may be time to add this car maintenance step to your personal checklist. 
5. Inspect your tires
The fifth and final car maintenance tip is to inspect your tires before hitting the road. Your car’s tires put on a lot of wear and tear when putting on a lot of mileage. Hot roads can intensify the heat buildup and cause weak tires to weaken even faster. Additionally, as temperatures start to rise, so does your tire pressure. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated to ensure the best gas mileage on your road trip—this will also lower your chances of facing a potentially life-threatening tire blowout.

Hit the road with these car maintenance tips!

Our Toyota of Orlando service specialists are here to help! If you’re planning on taking a road trip this summer, we can help you make sure your car is in tip-top shape before heading out. Want to schedule a service appointment? Give us a call at (866) 945-0493, or swing by and see us at 3575 Vineland Road.