Friday, June 23, 2017

Know whether or not your A/C needs service this summer

Is your car’s A/C ready for this summer? It’s officially begun, but Orlando has been feeling the high temperatures for weeks now. You wouldn’t want your A/C to fail on one of these hot summer days. Our qualified team at Toyota of Orlando has put together a list of what to look out for if you think you might need auto A/C repair
A/C auto repair in Orlando

Learn what signs will signal that you need auto A/C repair

You may not know what the signs for a faulty A/C unit are. Our Orlando service techs recommend looking out for these signs to see if you need to schedule some auto A/C repair.

Your air conditioning unit isn’t turning on – If you have reached to point when you go to turn on the air and nothing blows out of the vents, there’s more than likely a big problem on your hands. We recommend getting auto A/C repair as soon as possible, especially in this heat!

When you want cold, it comes out hot – If the air that is coming out of your vents is hot for longer than a couple of minutes, there could be a few causes for this. It might be low refrigerant levels or even a burnt out fan, but we suggest seeking help from our Toyota maintenance team to figure out the true cause.

There’s a strange smell when you turn on the air – If you detect a smell whenever you turn on the air conditioning that could mean there’s a mold issue in your vehicle. It could be growing in the A/C and in the vents.  You’ll need to have this professionally cleaned. You can do that with auto A/C repair from Toyota of Orlando.

There’s a noise that’s new or you don’t recognize – A rattling or banging noise whenever you turn on the A/C could mean a variety of things. Since it would be nearly impossible to pinpoint the problem if you aren’t a professional, you should schedule some maintenance to check it out.

You’ve noticed leaking – If you find water in your car or even underneath your car that could mean your car’s air conditioning system might have a problem with draining. Figure out the source of the problem and have it fixed by taking your car to get auto A/C repair in Orlando
Toyota car maintenance

Deciding to bring your car in for maintenance in Orlando

If your car is showcasing any of the signs listed above, we definitely suggest bringing your car to get some maintenance done. Another positive to bringing your car in to Toyota of Orlando is that we would conduct a free multi-point inspection to see if there are any other problems.

Do you think your car might need some auto A/C repair? Bring it to our service center at Toyota of Orlando! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road which is just off I-4 and near the Millenia Mall,

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