Friday, June 16, 2017

Use these auto detailing tips to protect your car this summer

Summer has finally arrived and with the beginning of having fun in the sun, there are also some not so great things that come with it. Some of these include Love Bugs, intense heat, UV rays, and pollen. You probably are protecting yourself with bug spray, sunscreen, and allergy medicine. But are you protecting your car at the same time? These factors can have a negative impact on your Orlando car, so it’s important to remember to take preventative action against these elements of summer.

tips to protect your car this summer

You can do that by following these auto detailing tips from Toyota of Orlando’s service center! Keep your car looking new and maintain its resale value by taking action based on these suggestions.

Auto detailing to protect your ride this summer

There are plenty of elements to protect your car from this summer in Orlando. Here are some top concerns and how to use auto detailing to prevent damage from occurring because of them.

Love Bugs: While these insects don’t bite you like mosquitos do, they are definitely an annoying part of life to most people living in Central Florida. If you hit your fair share of them on the highway and don’t remove them quickly enough, they could cause damage to your Orlando Toyota car’s paint. A simple auto detailing tip is to use dryer sheets! You’ll rinse the front of the car where the love bugs remain and then use a wet dryer sheet to scrub love bugs off.
Prevent your paint against love bugs

Pollen: You shouldn’t only worry about pollen making your allergies worse. Pollen can actually damage your car’s paint! Make sure you set up a regular auto detailing schedule that focuses on washing your car. A thorough car wash ensures that you remove the pollen, and if you add a coat of wax, that adds a barrier between the paint and the pollen.

Prevent the Orlando sun and heat from ruining your ride

One of the most noticeable changes that take place in the summer is the rise in temperature. Protect your car from the heat and sun with these auto detailing tips!

Heat: The rise in temperature can cause damage to your car. You can protect your car by following these suggestions:
  • ·         Polish leather surfaces in your car to prevent cracking
  • ·         Make sure you check your tire pressure often, and check out the condition of your Toyota tires while you’re at it
  • ·         If it’s not going to rain in Orlando, leave your windows cracked when you park to let hot air escape.

Sun: In addition to harming your skin, the sun can damage both the interior and exterior of your car. Here are some auto detailing tips to help protect your vehicle:

  • ·        Utilize window tint

  • ·         Be sure not to wash your car in the extreme Orlando heat. Wash it when temperatures are milder in the mornings or evenings.

Do you want more auto detailing tips or want to schedule some maintenance? Call Toyota of Orlando at (407) 298-4500 today!

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